How we Developed our Technology: Government and Industry Supporters,
Test Sites and Clients

Century-Board began in 2000 in our own labs developing products and processes to use high loadings of waste fillers, using polyurethanes. This work has resulted in several U.S. and major industrial country patents, with more on the way. Not only do we have proprietary formulations, but also patented ways of continuously forming finished products directly out of the process.

Many government agencies and industry firms assisted us developing this unique technology. Some of those below gave us grants, recognizing how useful and unique this project was. Some were customers, development partners and test sites. Others licensed this technology. We thank them all:

US Department of Energy
Central Hudson Gas & Electric
National Institutes of Standards & Technology
New York State Energy Research Development Authority
BlueScope Steel
Boral Industries
New York City Housing Authority
Barton Mines Company
Koca Beton
Energy Answers International
Reliant Energy
Southern California Edison
AlliedSignal (Honeywell)
National Science Foundation
New York City Parks Department
Public Service Electric & Gas
National Association of Home Builders
University of Maine, Advanced Engineering Wood Composites Center
American Electric Power
State University of New York, Wood Products Lab

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