Using Century-Board Technology

We can provide turn-key plants or work with you or third parties to set up the process. Century-Board can also conduct market evaluations, product testing, assist in product code approvals, and marketing. We do not sell chemicals or equipment, thus we provide the licensee with sources for all the raw materials and equipment needed. We assist at every stage, whether this requires engineers, chemists, plant management or marketing.

How we work with clients that want new competitive products:

The licenses are given for: 1. A particular product, and 2. A geographical territory (usually a state or country), so there is little or no competition with other licensees.

How we work with clients that have wastes:

First the makeup of the wastes are examined, and particular resin systems are chosen that we will best surround and make a useable marketable product.

We then make small cast samples using the waste and mechanically test the resulting bars. This may take several iterations until good performance is achieved

Next we determine what type of finished product would best be made of this type of waste, and if needed, find a partner firm that could sell the products that this waste produces.

We assist in making finished products for further testing and market studies.

We assist in setting up a factory to produce the products.

Century-Board is paid for the testing, technical development, product optimization, a license fee, and once a factory is operating - we receive a royalty on sales.