Doing Well by Doing Good

Doing well by doing good. That is a business touchstone for the 21st Century. At Century-Board, it is more than a slogan - it's the guiding principle by which we work with our partners and licensees to create profitable business models for the manufacture of environmentally sustainable products and materials.

Century-Board is a U.S.-based developer and licensor of processes to manufacture . This green process uses mostly waste or recycled materials. Up to 75% waste can be used in these products. The green content is nearly 85% when plant-based resins are used.

We can show you how to produce exceptional building products, or assist you in utilizing a solid waste. The products can be made in a continuous process for very high volumes, or in small, individual casting molds. The products have high profitability, and the investment can be returned in less than one year after production startup.

Our process uses very little energy, gives off no toxic gases or causes any output except the finished product. Our process is ideal for those seeking to develop products and materials for LEED-certification.

This process is in commercial production in the U.S. One plant is producing 3300 lbs/ hour. Century-Board clients in several countries, including the U.S., Brazil, Australia, Turkey and Canada, are in various stages of testing, finalizing products and preparing for production.

We do not take wastes ourselves as we do not have our own factories, but we will assist our licensees, who have wastes, or want to make products and need to find usable waste material.

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